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Mustered Musings

"The years teach much that the days never know." -- Emerson

Friday, February 04, 2005

Am I agnostic ?

Are we religious because we are strong enough from within ourselves and strongly believe in existence of that Super Natural Power, or because we are so weak internally to have faith in something super natural which can always rescue us from all evil, calamities and our wrong doings ? Isn't disbelieving in God the same thing as believing that he doesn't exist?

They say that being an atheist is like being a free thinker ! Of course, some people are atheists without having any particular logical argument to back up their atheism. For some, it is simply the most comfortable, common sense position to take.

I am no atheist, but time and again feel like questioning the very basis of all religions. I am believer probably due to my upbringing in such environment where religious activities were part and parcel of our daily lives, or maybe due to some inner weakness which forces me to seek strength from some dependable super natural power to always help in my times of trouble !

It was while browsing through one of my favorite sites Arts & Letters Daily that I came across this article ...

If God is God, he’s not good. If God is good, he’s not God. You can’t have it both ways, especially not after the Indian Ocean catastrophe... more» ... more» ... more»
From one of the links above,
Certainly the giant waves generated by the quake made no attempt to differentiate between the religions of those whom it made its victims. Hindus were swept away in India, Muslims were carried off in Indonesia, Buddhists in Thailand. Visiting Christians and Jews received no special treatment either. This poses no problem for the scientific belief system. Here, it says, was a mindless natural event, which destroyed Muslim and Hindu alike.
Are natural disasters merely random events caused by the uncaring and blind forces of nature ?

Scientists have perfect scientific and logical explanation for Tsunami strike, and non-atheist or believers don't. At least I 'm not aware of anyone who could justify this act as God's creation or if it is then to justify the reason He must be having behind this act !

I am confused. It seems my being an atheist or non-atheist depends upon situations I am in ! Conflicting opinions coherently existing, one being attributed to head, and the other to the heart ! Is it that head is an atheist and the heart is a believer. Even if my head offers some solutions, my heart refuses to follow, and vice-versa. Is it rational thinking ? Is it scientific ? Is everything scientific rational and non-scientific irrational? Do we have to be critical of science because it conflicts with our religious beliefs?

For me, religion is a way of life, my way of life. I take things as they come. I am atheist till the time I don't need His help ! And can't think of a time when I didn't need His help ! I am sure, and strongly believe that all other times, He is there to take care of me and my problems ! He is my Strength.

For those of you who still feel confused, here's an interesting mathematical proof of God's existence "from God's inexistence follows its existence".

I only hope, rather pray to God that you won't take this proof seriously.