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Mustered Musings

"The years teach much that the days never know." -- Emerson

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Loose Jaw RJ's got away .. again !

The radio jokeys' involved in making an abusive and threatening call to a call centre employee in India, have been suspended for a day (!) .

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Offshore Outsourcing to India ... a sickening repurcussion

The news about two loose-jaw radio jockeys' in US threatening an Indian BPO worker on a live programme left me completely shocked ! It's not easy to believe that some people find this outrageous act to be funny ! I guess, the air station who hired these two jokers should seriously think of outsourcing their jobs to India to bring in some sanity, and quality to it's programmes !

The debate over the impact of global outsourcing continues to rage. Lots of people have been expressing their opposite point of views whether short-term job losses brought on by outsourcing are mitigated in the long run by gains to American workers from free trade and consumption growth in low-wage countries !

Columbia professor Jagdish Bhagwati and colleagues acknowledge some temporary dislocation in low-skill jobs because of outsourcing but assert that the practice offers substantial gains to the U.S. economy through cheaper imports and stronger markets for exports.

As per some, corporate earnings and investors are benefiting. American consumers are also benefiting from cheaper prices because of global outsourcing.

But American workers are dislocated -- perhaps permanently in the manufacturing sector and significantly among professional and white-collar employees whose jobs won't return unless the country invests substantially in their retraining and education.

While arguments and counter arguements have been put forward to justify the stand for and against outsourcing; many people have so far shown little disagreement on at least one point, that Education and reeducation is an investment America can't afford to outsource. But then here comes the news about outsourcing of Maths tuition to teachers in Kerala by US parents !

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Happy New Year ...

We already are one week into the new year with rising hopes for peace everywhere, and africa in particular. With the end of 2004, is peace breaking out across Africa? It is too early to be sure but the year has begun on a hopeful note.

New year has brought new promise to troubled Africa . While everyone prays and hopes that the Sudan deal boosts hope of peace and brings in the good news in Africa.

In 2004, the world has been through turmoil due to one or the other human made or natural calamity. With fatality figures due to south east asian tsunami estimated to have crossed 180,000 and relief work still in progress, here comes fresh warning of tsunami charity scams by law enforcement agencies.

The speculations are already on about next megatsunami occuring in atlantic in unspecified future, the Nigerian Red Cross Society has urged Nigerians to be prepared for the possibility of a Tsunami-type calamity which took Asia, among other nations, by surprise last month occuring here.