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Mustered Musings

"The years teach much that the days never know." -- Emerson

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Still Elusive Ticket !

No seats available on Milan-Mumbai sector during Dec '04-Jan '05 .. so no journey to India during this year ... Still holding on to the Free Ticket prize from Alitalia ...

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Happy Dussehra... with FREE Ticket to India

Me and Ananya were too sick and down with viral fever to attend the Dussehra Mela organised by the Uttar Bharat Samaj at the Kings' College's ground. It was Sunday afternoon and I was bed ridden after a heavy dose of analgesic when I got the call from Jiten Godha.
I was not amused when he tried to convince me that Arti indeed has won the First Prize in the raffle draw. While I was still trying hard to keep my eyes open, he took pains of adjusting his mobile so that I can hear the annoucements being made at the stage .. could hear the speaker announce something like....'its nice to see the prize go from GlobaCom to Multi-Links ...'.
The mela was being sponsored by the GlobaCom. Well, I still was half convinced when I put the phone off..which rang immidiately...
Congratulations..you have won a free return ticket by AliTalia from Lagos to Mumbai ...
Despite having severe body pain, just could not pretend to be sleeping any more. Now it was time for me to call back Jiten to say thanks..with my eyes wide open this time.
To top it all, the winning ticket was brought by Arti from a collegue at school, just to keep her heart !

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Durga pooja

Festival time

It seems to be festival time here at Lagos for the Indian community. Be it fasting period of navratras, garba festival , Durga Pooja or Dussehra, almost everyone from indian community of Lagos seems to be busy either organising or participating in various functions to mark the festivities.
While we attended the garba at the Geeta mandir on 16th and 17th Oct, yesterday it was Durga Pooja at the Ilupeju. Today we intend to visit Geeta Ashram, Lekki to attend garba and to see Ravana's effigy be fired down. Tomorrow its going to be Dusshera Mela organised by the Uttar Bharat Samaj at the King's college and then later in the evening another Garba programme at the Park 'n Shop.
Being away from home and moreover, considering local conditions, the effort of so many people in organising such very well attended events, is highly commendable.

Arts & Letters Daily

It was by chance that I came across http://aldaily.com, a site having excellent collection of worth reading material. The site has been neatly composed with links to some excellent articles on varied interests.